About M.C.Productions Vintage Recordings

            A 78 rpm record collector since the age of 8, I had at my peak 25,000 records of all descriptions. My interest is mainly in the pre-tape era of recording . During that era, all recording was done direct to disc and have the immediacy of a live recording - no touch - ups for missed notes or changes in mix in the post-production stage.

            Usually issued takes number 1  - 3  but you can occasionally find alternate takes issued in different countries and sometimes the arrangements are totally different from one take to the next. When these recordings are by illustrious groups such as Jean Goldkette's Orchestra with solos by the likes of Bix, the Dorsey Brothers , Eddie Lang and Joe Venuti, the results can be thrilling.

             I have done anthologies of many bands in order to give an overview of their work, underscoring the variety of music that they produced. Paul Whiteman's band recorded everything from jazz to concert and classical music.