M.C.Productions Vintage Recordings mp3 Store

                        M.C. PRODUCTIONS is dedicated to preserving and making available the recordings of the 78 era including Jazz, Blues, Opera, Symphony, Dance, Personalities, and many other recordings meticulously re-mastered from the original records. I have developed a special high definition recording process to produce amazing clarity, warmth, depth and crispness with transparent highs and fabulous dynamics.

                         Some technical info:

                  All sound on this is website is monophonic. As such, all mp3s are highest quality single track mono to save space on your mobile device. The sound will still come out on both channels of your earphones.

                  There is a folder in Itunes called 'Automatically Add to Itunes' ' After you have downloaded your album / songs you should drag the folder (inside the zipped folder) directly into this folder. Itunes will find it and add to your library automatically. No fuss.

                   For those buying mp3s, you can copy the track list and paste to your text editor - it can then be printed for your reference.

                   For CD buyers, the same information is included in many of the CD jewel cases. I am in the process of updating the jewel case info on all of my albums.

                   For any questions or additional information - just send me an email - thank-you and please enjoy shopping at my store !!!